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Alumnus appointed international ambassador

One of our physics graduates has been appointed an international ambassador for the German city of Bonn.


Felix Dodds, who graduated in 1979, has been instrumental in developing new modes of stakeholder engagement with the United Nations, particularly within the field of sustainable development. He was nominated by the Mayor of Bonn to promote the city, particularly during the initial planning phase of relocation processes or new settlements, or for future co-operation and conferences.

Felix said: “I am honored to be invited to be one of the great City of Bonn’s International Ambassadors. It is a major UN city and I have attended many UNFCCC meetings there supporting the idea of water being part of the climate negotiations. I look forward to promoting the City and its excellent international work."

Felix Dodds is a fellow at the Global Research Institute at the University of North Carolina and an Associate fellow at the Tellus Institute. He played a significant role in the Rio+20 Conference and has been active at the UN since 1990, attending key meetings on sustainable development.

In 2011 he chaired the UN DPI NGO 64th Conference on ‘Sustainable Societies - Responsive Citizens’, and he also co-chaired the UN Commission on Sustainable Development NGO Steering Committee (1997-2001).


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