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Andrew Dudman

Andrew Dudman, who graduated in 1998, works as senior recording engineer for the world-famous Abbey Road Studios

What appealed about the Tonmeister course?

I had an orchestral music background and Tonmeister offered half a proper music degree and half technical skills which encompassed everything I liked and was good at. It fulfilled all my requirements and really shone out.

Where did you spend your Professional Training Year?

I made it very clear that I wanted to go to Abbey Road! It specialises in film music which my subsequent career has focused on. I worked really hard and I lucked out because I was asked to stay on permanently. It was a difficult decision but I thought I should finish my degree. However a friend of mine took the job, knowing it wasn't what he wanted to do full-time and basically kept it open for me. When he left, I started.

What are your career highlights?

I assisted on all the Star Wars film music and edited the soundtrack for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. More recently I have won an award from the Cinematic Audio Society for best scoring mixer for the Disney-Pixar film Brave.

What advice would you give to students?

Try and get experience – people won't hire without it. This is why Abbey Road employs Tonmeisters because they know graduates have a wide knowledge of music, are bright and pick things up very quickly. Currently, there are seven graduates working for Abbey Road, at different levels, and they usually take a student each year for their Professional Training Year. So to sum up, get as much experience as you can and once you're in a job, get along with the other people!

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