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Abbey days

Tonmeister student Seb Truman didn’t think he stood a chance of spending his professional training year at the famous Abbey Road Studios, but a combination of luck and timing proved him wrong.

“It’s hard to get into Abbey Road as they only take one student each year and they interview just six people,” recalled Seb. “A couple of of my friends who had interviews took other jobs in the meantime and so I emailed late to ask if they would consider me and the studio manager said yes as long as I could get to an interview quickly.”

Seb spent the year as a runner, doing anything from tidying studios to greeting important guests such as Paul McCartney, before getting the opportunity to work on the technical side.

“Abbey Road is a crazy place and it’s normal to being doing 60 plus hours a week,” said Seb. “Everyone works really hard. However, you are given the chance to get used to the environment before starting any session work as that would be too much pressure and be very stressful on day one!”

Returning to University for his final year, Seb says the experience was amazing. As well as learning more about the practical side of the business, his social skills and confidence have grown.  “It’s almost a given that your technical skills will be adequate, what they want to see is that you can be chatty and have a big smile – so important when you’re dealing with the variety of people who walk in through their door.”

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