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Chloe Sellwood (BSc Biochemistry 1998)

Chloe has just published her second book on pandemic influenza: She is Honorary Professor of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response at the University of Nottingham.

Nabil Shaban (BSc  Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology 1979)

Nabil’s new a novel, The Diary of the Absurd,  chronicles  a Shiram Labif's journal of his surreal anarchic year of Apocalyptic proportions.This is my Nabil’s fourth book in print: Dreams My father Sold Me, The First To Go, and The Ripper Code. All of the books are available on Amazon.

Elizabeth Williams (MSc Applied Professional Studies in Education and Training 1999)

Memories spanning three generations are at the heart of Elizabeth’s e-book, 100 Years of Childhood, available onAmazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, Ipad and Iphone: All of the royalties are going to Childline, where Elizabeth has worked as a volunteer for almost 10 years. She said of her book:  “Love of and from children is the greatest blessing.  There are many children throughout the world who have neither love nor blessings.  I was truly loved and blessed as a child and doubly blessed as a mother and grandmother.  Some of these are accounts of my childhood, now in the last century.  Other stories are from my family, children and grandchildren.”

Alfred B Cudjoe (PhD in the Translation of postcolonial African literature 2011)

Alfred’s new book, Beyond the ballot box – Secrets behind election fevers, examines the dilemma facing the electorate in an unnamed African country as an election campaign gathers momentum. It is a difficult choice between a corrupt party in power and a main opposition party which is seeking power once again to have their share of the loot with vengeance.  As the year’s general elections approach, there are hot arguments about which party and candidates to vote for. An electronic version of the novel is available online at

Nezameddin Faghih  (BSC Mechanical Engineering 1976)

Nezameddin is Editor-in- Chief of The Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research (JGER), a scholarly journal that publishes (in English) peer-reviewed original articles on entrepreneurship (as an interdisciplinary fiel. JGER is published as an open access journal and aims to address theoretical and empirical research issues that impact the development of entrepreneurship as a scientific discipline and promote its efficacy on the economic, social and cultural contexts, both domestically and globally. It is also hoped that the journal will contribute to achievement of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) goals and development of GEM paradigms. It is published by Springer.

Garry Kay (BSc Economics 1986)

Following on from a mention of Garry’s novel Don't Fear The Reaper  in the additional content accompanying the last edition of Forever Surrey, he is offering  all readers who place a review on Amazon a free Kindle copy of either of his first two books. Don’t Fear the Reaper is a fast-moving black-humour psychological thriller which follows on directly from my first Break Free and The Door, and all three are set in Guildford and feature the University of Surrey, changed to Southside University. Garry can be contacted at

Pete Hamill (MSc Change Agent Skills and Strategies 2008)

Understanding how our bodies can develop our leadership potential is the theme of Pete’s new book, Embodied Leadership: The Somatic Approach to Developing your Leadership, published by Kogan Page on 3 June 2013. This book sets out to show how many of our current popular perceptions about leadership don’t necessarily help us, and what we now know from neuroscience, biology, philosophy and years of

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