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Increasing alumni engagement and value using integrated web technologies


This project is part of the Relationship Management Programme, Strand III: Alumni Engagement funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) seeking demonstrator projects that develop and validate innovative processes and harness web technologies to support mutually beneficial alumni engagement.

The project will embed an innovative, interactive web 2.0 technology called Tinychat  into the existing alumni website, with links to the social networks dedicated to our alumni, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. This will enable us to deliver a structured programme of real-time, web-based, global networking sessions and immediate follow-up activities designed to increase engagement of targeted groups of alumni and students and add value to their relationship with the University.

The programme will create inclusiveness and a sense of belonging and increased penetration into our contemporary student community and will give our stakeholders (alumni, students, academics) access to knowledge exchange with influential people from related or unrelated fields; academic research; opportunities for career enhancement; motivation; coaching; recruitment and re-engagement with the University. It will also create further separation from the perception that Alumni Relations is merely a fundraising activity.

Two cohorts in particular; MBA graduates and the STEM subject of Civil Engineering will be evaluated during this project. The former tend to be more mature and through the nature of their course are more isolated and less cohesive. The latter have a high profile being involved in the provision of safe water and sanitation for disaster relief and collaboration with NGOs, and access to the visual media, and will provide a model to capture interest that will be translated to the Business cohort.

The project duration is from 1 March 2011 to 31 August 2012.  For more information contact Trudy Monk -



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